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Is sending emails part of your Personal and professional life? Do you send an email and keep waiting for its reply? What if there was a tool that would tell you what happens to your emails after they have been sent? This is exactly what Intelliverse email tracker does for you. It will give you updates of the recipient’s engagement with your mail which will help you to take the next step. Calling someone who has just opened your email has a high probability of resulting in a conversation. Email tracker helps you to engage with your prospect in an intelligent manner. It notifies you when an old email has been reopened, making it easier for you to connect with your old prospects.

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The email tracker makes it easier for you to follow up with your recipients. It notifies you when your email has been delivered, the time and frequency at which the mail has been opened as well as the location and the device on which it has been opened on. Thus making it easier for you to get in touch with your recipient either by means of a phone call or an additional follow up email.

Sending emails is an important part of most professions, especially for the ones linked with sales and marketing or with projects that involve multiple contractors. Intelliverse email tracker helps you to improve the efficiency of your emails by keeping you updated on the status of the mails that you are tracking, so that you don’t miss an important update.

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Email Tracker


Intelliverse Email tracker monitors the performance of all your emails. It notifies you when the recipients opens your email.

The efficiency of your email communication can be measured by the amount of data captured and analyzed by the email tracker. This information makes it easier to choose the following / follow up action 

Email Tracker is Available in Two Plans – Free and '+'

Features Exclusive to ‘+’ Plan

Pin - Pin the high priority emails and watch them closely
Search - Instantly search the emails that are being tracked
Filter - Organize your mail your way / Organize your mail the the way you want to view your tracked emails
Stop Tracking - Remove the email from the tracker after its purpose is met

Features Common to Both Plans:

Data Capturing

- Date and time of opening the email
- Location of opening the email
- The device or the OS used to open the email
- Number of times the email was opened

Data Analytics

- Analyzing the captured data
- Prompts the next course of action
- Improves the pace of email exchange

Data Security and Privacy

- Your details are safe with us in our US data centers

- Your data shall not be shared with a third party

- Intelliverse has no access to the subject or body of your email

- Intelliverse does not intervene with the flow of your email. Your emails get sent from your servers to the recepient's server, as usual, without any disruption by Intelliverse.

- No ads shall be posted on your outbound emails

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