Google Chrome Extension for Gmail Tracker

Keep track of when and where your emails are tracked.

Gmail Integration

Intelliverse Email Tracker is completely integrated with Gmail. After installing the email tracker chrome extension all your emails will be tracked by default. You can also choose to turn off tracking for the emails that you do not want to track by clicking on the track box while you compose the message.

Unlimited Email Tracker

Our email tracker does not impose any limits for tracking emails irrespective of the plan you opt for. This helps you to keep a track of sales leads or a customer that has read your email, so that you know the right time to follow up with necessary actions. We have designed email tracker in a way that it helps you mount to your full potential.

Tracking Location

Location Tracking Feature is one of the many features that our free email tracking tool offers. It allows you to keep track of recipients and their locations and also helps you to detect their device. For example, the tracker detects whether the email was opened on a desktop or a mobile. It also shows the location of where the email was opened.

Email Tracking Dashboard

Email Tracker Dashboard gives an overview to help you see whether your emails were opened or not. It keeps a track of all the emails that have been send after installing our Email tracker chrome extension. You can check the history of your emails at one place. This enables the users to know their next follow up actions.

Multiple Recipients Email Tracking

Our Free Email Tracker helps to track emails even when you add more than one recipient in your emails. You may send emails with copies or multiple email address and still track them when the email is opened or any of your links are clicked on.

Desktop Notification

Desktop Notifications for email tracking alert you in real time as soon as your message is read / opened. You get a pop-up on your taskbar about a new Gmail alert. These real time notification give you the benefit of following up with your leads, prospects and customers at just the right time.

Reminders for emails that remain unopened

If your email remains unopened for more than about 48hrs, IntelliEmail Tracker notifies you about the email. This gives you a head up that either the email hasn’t reached your recipient or the recipient is busy or is at worse ignoring your emails. It helps you and your team to make better decisions about whom to approach first and what next steps to take.

Plus Version Available

Intelliverse Email Tracker tool is designed with a very few limitations as possible. It is a free tool for anyone using for tracking emails in Gmail. Our tracker uses a link at the end of the email that might inform people that the emails are being tracked. Upgrading to the plus version hides the link and does not let recipients know that the email is being tracked.

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