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Track you emails, Receive notifications in real time.

Email Tracking

Our Outlook Email Tracker allows you to keep a track of your emails. Once your emails have been read, opened or responded you will receive a notification in real time. This information can help you improve productivity across your business. It can help you analyze as to what works best for your team and what doesn’t, enabling you and your team to take informed decisions at all times.

Monitor your emails

Free outlook email tracking helps you keep a track of all your emails at a single source. You can see all the emails that you have send and emails that have been responded to. This can also help you analyze the performance of the Sales Representatives by seeing how many of them are meeting their Service Agreements. Intelliverse Email Tracker gives you the amount of data that is needed to ensure that everyone across your team is sharing workloads and working towards completing targets and improving productivity across teams.

Monitor Email Causes

Analyzing and determining the common cause of emails that are coming into your organization can save up a lot of time. For example, if customers are responding back to your emails or contacting customer service agents or asking the same question when someone from your sales team contacts them like pricing of the product. Making this information prominent of the webpage or informing customers through the emails send can save up a lot of time and improve the productivity of your Team and overall organization.

Monitor Response Time

Intelliverse Email Tracker for outlook lets you keep a track of when you emails are read, where they are read and when are they responded too. The Dashboard charts display the KPI’s and SLA’s and help you analyze if the targets have been completed or not at an individual level as well as on the overall organization level. This information ensures that the workload is evenly distributed and no one employee is overloaded with work. If the targets are not being achieved, actions can be taken to improve the response time or if a strategy works well for the company that can be used to get better engagement at all times.

Outlook Tracker:

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Intelliverse Email Tracker is an ideal software for businesses of all sizes be it large customer base or a smaller one. It enables the mangers to monitor the performance of customer service teams or other teams in your organization.

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